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Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Co-habitation Agreements

Prenuptial, Postnuptial, and Cohabitation Agreements

Putting it in writing is always sound advice

Unfortunately, the realities of life many times do not match the dreams. In the U.S., for example, 50 percent of marriages now end in divorce, and other relationships can be impacted by this divorce.

The skilled family law attorneys Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, PC can assist you in creating agreements before you are married or enter into a civil union, or during your marriage. These agreements put in writing how assets will be divided in the event the marriage or union ends.

We are skilled in the preparation and enforcement of—

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements

Our goal is simple, making sure all questions have been answered.  We  have the parties agree before things are committed to writing and signed to assure everyone’s interests are expressed and known.  This hopefully decreases the stress and contention should things go wrong and assets need to be allocated or liquidated.

Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract which is signed before a couple is married or has entered into a civil union. Its purpose is to protect the assets one owns prior to a marriage and/or to protect the inheritance of children from a previous marriage.

You should seriously consider a prenuptial agreement if—

  • You have assets such as a home, stock, or retirement fund
  • You own all or part of a business
  • You may be receiving an inheritance
  • You have children or grandchildren from a previous marriage
  • One of you is much wealthier than the other
  • One of you will support the other through college
  • One person has a loved one who needs to be taken care of, such as elderly parents
  • You foresee a big increase in income

Postnuptial agreements

A postnuptial agreement is a written contract established after a couple is married or has entered into a civil union. The purpose of this agreement is to reduce to writing how a couple’s assets are to be divided upon separation or divorce. The assets should include all property—real estate and personal. The postnuptial agreement can also designate child custody, child support, and spousal support agreements.

Cohabitation agreements

A cohabitation agreement is also known as a “living-together contract.” It is used when two adults have identified themselves as being in a committed relationship and are bringing to their union assets they seek to protect should the union dissolve. This type of agreement spells out the terms of the relationship between the parties, addresses the financial issues, and explains how property will be divided if the relationship ends.

Agreements that relate to the division of property upon separation or divorce should never be taken lightly. Dividing assets when any type of union ends can be extremely emotional if such division has not been discussed and documented in advance. The attorneys of Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, PC are here to assist you in preparing the necessary agreements to assure your interests are stipulated and legally enforceable.

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