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When there is a need to provide for management of the affairs of a person unable to handle them, Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, PC can assist with the drafting and implementation of appropriate guardianship arrangements, whether private or requiring imposition by a Court.


Those involuntarily committed to mental health institutions for treatment, whether at the insistence of a family member or the government, often need advice regarding their rights and an advocate to voice their wishes with respect to their treatment.  Lawyers at Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, PC have advised both those committed as well as others dealing with commitment of an mentally ill loved one of their rights and obligations with respect to the commitment and treatment process.

Serving family law clients in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, PC provides comprehensive family law services to clients in the District of Columbia, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland, and Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria counties in Virginia. Call us today at (202) 331-7522 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your concerns.

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