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Happy Thanksgiving

We at Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  May your table be full and your laughter loud this very special holiday.  We have much to give thanks for:

I am grateful for the clients and opponents who over the years have enriched my life, and for still hearing from them from time to time, even though the cases that brought them to  me  have concluded. –AK

I am thankful for all of you – everyone has been welcoming and helpful and appreciative and I feel very fortunate.  I’m so happy that this is the job I get to do after being out of the workforce raising kids for the last eight years.   –AP

I am thankful for how welcoming and supportive everyone here is and that I look forward to coming to work every day.  –CY

I am thankful for friends, family and my sister’s itunes account. –JB

I am thankful to be doing challenging work in a successful firm with a great group of people. …and i’m even more thankful for having a long weekend to eat a TON of turkey !  –LP

I am grateful for fun, smart and supportive coworkers and completion of safe track on the red line –MK

I am thankful for working at a place with such great people with wonderful personalities.  Everyone has made me feel comfortable since day one.  I feel like I have worked here forever.  Majority of our lives are spent at work and to have a place to come where you can get the job done, be you and be around great people is awesome.   –PD

I am grateful for having the experience every day when I come to the office that I am with my law practice family.  To borrow from the Collaborative Process, we are all committed to respecting and supporting each other and to having us all flourish, both individually and as a firm.  This commitment also allows for each of us to bring our own individual personalities and quirks to the party, as a part of being a family.  –PS

I am thankful for friends and colleagues, for the joy and compassion we bring to each other, and that District Taco is open for breakfast.  –RS

I am grateful that even when things are hectic and over-busy our firm is peopled by smart, funny, positive folks.  –SF

I am grateful for my work family.  Not everyone is happy to go to work each day; I am because I am surrounded by smart, funny and above all caring people.  I am also grateful for the work we do.  We have the opportunity to help people navigate the hardest times in their lives.  Happy Thanksgiving! –TM

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