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Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration

One of my favorite parts of my work at Kuder, Smollar, Friedman, & Mihalik, PC, is working with soon-to-be-wed clients on their Premarital Agreements.  Planning a wedding, a marriage, and a life together is stressful and scary and hopeful and beautiful and exciting.  I am overjoyed to be part of that process for many people.  And I love, love, love seeing the gorgeous photos of my former clients’ weddings.

So combine my love of all things weddings with my love of all things numbers, and I was delighted to see a study out of Emory University Department of Economics (available here) statistically evaluating the relationship between wedded bliss and wedded expense.

Will your marriage be better if you spend two months’ salary on the engagement ring?  Should you skip the honeymoon in favor of a new kitchen?  Is there really such a thing as too many wedding magazines?

The full study is neither a long nor difficult read, and I would encourage readers to download and read it for themselves.  The one line takeaway:  Do not spend too little, but the best way to play your odds is a relatively inexpensive, but highly attended, wedding with a honeymoon.  And do not forget to send photos to the lawyer who did your Premarital Agreement.

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