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Maryland Rules 1-322.1 and 1-322.2

On Tuesday, the Maryland Court of Appeals issued a Rules Order related to the long-debated Rules 1-322.1 and 1-322.2.  As a result of the Rules Order, lawyers will not have to certify on pleadings that the pleading complies with Rule 1-322.1 – a rule that prohibits inclusion of certain private information on court filings.

First, after a great deal of constructive conversation, this Rules Order repeals Rule 1-322.2, the rule that would have required filed pleadings to certify compliance with Rule 1-322.1.  Because of the timing of when the rule would have gone into effect and when it was repealed, this rule never went into effect.

Second, the Rules Order amends (slightly) Rule 1-322.1.  Rule 1-322.1 prohibits inclusion of social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, financial account identifiers, and medical account identifiers in any filing with a court.  The new Rules Order amends Rule 1-322.1 to shift from the passive voice to an obligation on a filer to comply with the rule.

The Rules Order is available here.

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