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By Armin U. Kuder

Our thanks to Eileen Coen ([email protected]), an experienced family law mediator, for bringing our attention to, a non-profit focusing on parenting by separated, divorcing and divorced parents.  The website presents a variety of articles, and, perhaps more importantly, tools to assist parents in meeting the needs of children caught up in the conflicts of their separation and divorce.

Another resource used by clients is  This is a commercial site which has modest fees for some of its programs to assist parents in coordinating schedules and documenting interactions, but it also has a great deal of information on custody, and such things as long-distance parenting, supervised visitation, and caring for aging parents.

When a Judge once asked a child psychiatrist I had called as an expert witness why the mother would willingly involve the father in matters affecting their children when she clearly disliked and was divorcing him, the doctor looked at the Judge and said, “Because parenting is hard work, and people need help.”

Resources like the above can help.

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